Nabble's Universal Back-End

What's the difference between forum, mailing list, blog, news, photo gallery, document library, knowledge base, FAQ and comment?

To Nabble, they are all the same node structure shown in different views.

Node structure of a forum, photo gallery, blog and a thread.

A forum is the same node entity as a comment, in that they both have a title (forum title = comment subject), a body (forum description = comment body), and an author (forum creator = comment author). In this sense, a forum and a comment are also the same as a post, a blog, a blog entry, a photo entry, a news entry, a reply, etc. They are just nodes shown in different views. Each node inherits the same set of functions: search, subscription, feeds, user access control, moderation, embeddability, cataloging, threading and descendant views, among others.

What's more, this universal node-oriented back-end is scalable because it's distributed. User accounts and search are shared by all machines.

distributed architecture with shared user accounts and search

With this universal back-end structure, Nabble can build or customize a web app very easily. All that is involved is some front end programming. And all apps are naturally scalable, searchable and embeddable.

Install Nabble on Your Server

If you like this universal back-end, please let us know. We plan to release Nabble as an installed application, so that your site can take advantage of a full suite of web apps using the same simple code already tested by millions of visitors at our main Nabble website.