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Cross-platform Open-source 2D CAD Wiki, Howtos, Tutorials: Online manual: Source code: Many questions...


Nabble removed Mailing-list integration from the Forum. This killed the Forum. This is now an ARCHIVE. It is likely Nabble will shutdown in the future. So basically the Forum is now...


Foro Crashoil

Asciidoctor :: Discussion

General discussion for Asciidoctor, an open source Ruby implementation of the AsciiDoc markup language. You can post messages via email or through this forum interface. Click Options > Post by...

Nuevo Foro Control de Castidad

Foro en castellano para comentar, conversar y aprender a disfrutar de la castidad como práctica sexual. Jaulas y cinturones, relaciones de dominación masculina y femenina, hotwifing, cornudos y...

Philippine Aviation Forum

Nand2Tetris Questions and Answers Forum

If you have questions about Nand2Tetris projects or software, you are in the right place. Please select a sub-forum and review the posts; there is a good chance that a similar question was previously...


jogamp discusson forums - all about GlueGen, JOAL, JOCL, JOGL and more

Guitar FX Layouts

Official forum for the blog Guitar FX Layouts (aka tagboardeffects) that contains hundreds of guitar and bass effect layouts that have been published, covering many classic and popular effects....

Apache Flink 中文用户邮件列表

Apache Flink 中文用户邮件列表

Langstone Cutters RC Support

Forum for the website builder and discussions between people using For official support go to here or email us at support@...


Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli IT kolledži kursuse "IT eetilised, sotsiaalsed ja professionaalsed aspektid" 2023. aasta kevadsemestri foorum.


Hate evil and love good, and establish judgement in the gate. -- Amos 5:15 Arkian - A Eugenic Intentional Ethnicity

Nabble Support

Dolphin Rowing Club

A sliding seat rowing club specialising in offshore and beach rowing, based in Chichester and Langstone Harbours on the South Coast.


Registrate Gratis para Vender , Comprar y Alquilar Propiedades Inmobiliarias

Official RTAB-Map Forum

Official forum to ask questions about RTAB-Map .

Navy Seawolves

This forum is for the posting of SEAWOLF related questions, SEAWOLF fellowship and general good natured exchanges of information or humor. Subjects meant to discord, including those of a political...

Building Bull City Forum

Back to the Building Bull City Homepage Welcome to the Building Bull City Community Forum. I hope this becomes a place where people can discuss development in Durham, new policies, exciting...

AEA Learning Online

AEA Learning Online is a collaboration of the Iowa Area Education Agencies and provider of professional development for Iowa Schools

Kodabar DayZ / DaiZy single player forum

Multi forum

Cherrizon 2

Continuation of roleplay from :)


The Motorcycle Owners Daily Forum

ART Forum


GStreamer mailing list, where development discussions occur. Ask here if you have problems with GStreamer. Please submit patches and report bugs in bugzilla and not on this...

Orbeon Forms community mailing list

⚠️ This is an out-of-date, read-only archive of the Orbeon Forms mailing list which only contains messages posted up to around October 2021. For a full archive, or to post a new message, please...


Do you feel ill when you're near cell phones, fluorescent lights, wi-fi, computers, televisions, or "Smart Meters" for electricity/gas? If so, you may have "electrical sensitivity". Common...


The Open For Business Project (OFBiz) is an open source enterprise automation software project. By open source enterprise automation we mean: Open Source ERP, Open Source CRM, Open Source E-Business /...


Registrate Gratis como una Empresa de Construccion , Instalaciones , Pintura , Carpinteria ...


交大野协论坛,交大户外爱好者的聚集地。 水源备份 。


Registrate Gratis para Comprar y Vender Chatarra , Cartón , Papel , Plástico

500 M Fly Shooter


ISC DHCP is a mature, full-featured open source DHCP distribution from Internet Systems Consortium (ISC). ISC DHCP includes a DHC client, relay and server. More information about ISC DHCP . ISC...

Bald Eagles of Broward County, Florida

Welcome! The purpose of this forum is to exchange photos and information about the Bald Eagles which nest in Broward County Any other comments about eagles in  South Florida are...


Any message posted from one of the Sub-Forums below will show up in the section from which it is posted, and on the Elecraft mailing list. Messages posted directly from the email list will show up ...


GlobaFeat Forum: Link - Great online forum for money making discussion, investment, hyips, forex, finance, business, affiliates and more Please,...

MANBLUNDER DISCUSSION FORUM (Participation in this forum is restricted to members only. For registration please send me a mail) There is no need to register here to make comments in the articles or to...

Piezas de Ocasion

Registrate Gratis para Vender y Comprar Piezas ...

FEATool Multiphysics Forum

User Community and Discussion Forum for the FEATool Multiphysics Simulation Toolbox ( )


This is a forum and mailing list for Owlready2. Owlready2 is a module for ontology-oriented programming in Python 3, including OWL parsers and an optimized RDF quadstore. Links:...

Vintage and Classic Hondas

I just wanted to have a place for all Vintage and Classic Honda enthusiasts to share their latest news. If you want to buy, sell, or find something for your bike. Or if you need advice, want to share...


Information Home Duties Search Chores HGPMC SLACK : Information Research: 2041...

The Best Of Crusader

- deleted -

BlueSaab Forum

This is a place where people can ask questions regarding the BlueSaab module. Hardware and Software questions welcome!

BlackHat Team

A discussion forum about internet marketing and how to make money online. Link Of The Day Free Bitcoin With Cryptotab Browser
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